Stuff for the upcoming UFO Festival in Roswell

4th of July weekend is Alien Time in Roswell. We shall see if anyone shows up this year, what with the gas prices & all, Roswell being 200 miles away from everything in all directions.

This is the new shirt for the Alien Chase the Roswell Runners’ Club does every year. It’s a sequel to the Flash Gordonesque design I did last year that everyone seemed to like. Son of Alien Chase ’07.

The Roswell Museum and Art Center does the Alien Costume Contest every year as part of the festival. This year they had me do a poster for it. I sort of tied it into a similar theme as with the Alien Chase shirt (that everyone seemed to like), but not exactly. And I was going for the look of an old scifi movie poster, whereas the Alien Chase shirt is a comic book cover. The RMAC liked it so much that they’re doing T shirts of it, too. We’ll see how those come out.

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